Sunday, April 29, 2012

What to do when????

So after a chat with a lovely friend of mine who was in a bit of a panic over things she may have forgotten, here is a little list of things that you need to do as soon as you start the preparation for your perfect day.  I suggest giving yourself as much time as possible to plan (trust me, I know this from experience. I don’t recommend planning a wedding in 5 Lists can be your best friends so take a peek below ladies-

* This is an obvious one but pick your wedding date
* Work out if you want to have a civil or religious ceremony and contact the appropriate person, celebrant or priest
* Work out your budget and find out if you’re going to get any help from parents
* Look at and book venues for your ceremony and reception. I suggest doing this as early as possible as some popular places can get booked out 12-18 months in advance
* If you’re having a theme now would be a good time to look at what this would entail. Also pick your colours, if you’re basing your wedding around them
* Another thing that needs to be booked early is your photographer and/or videographer. These guys can also get booked out 12-18 months in advance
* Start working out your guest list and give overseas guests notice of your wedding date so they can start making plans. There is nothing worse than giving overseas family and friends a couple of months notice. People need to save money!
* Start thinking about who you’re going to have in your wedding party, keep in mind they need to be supportive people in your life!
* Go shopping! You need to start looking at and hopefully order your wedding dress as early as you can, most dresses will need to be ordered in and you don’t want to leave that till the last minute and if your short like me, you will alterations and these take time
* If you want to lose a few kilos before your wedding, now is the time to work out your fitness plan. Also a beauty plan, if you’re doing that as well
* Start looking for a hairdresser, if you have a regular one that you use then speak to them. If your using someone different, look around and book them in so you can start talking about styles etc
* Book a makeup artist. Hair and makeup are very important. After the day is over all you have left is the photos so making sure you look your best is a must
* Book a caterer if you need one and start looking at menus, food is major. You can’t have a reception without food!
* Find and book a florist that you trust will give you what you want
* If you’re using a reception venue, find out who are your bakery options. Most reception places give you options, so meet with the bakers to discuss your cake
* Start looking for your wedding bands, if they need to be made then make sure you give the jeweller plenty of time
* If you’re lucky enough to be going on a honeymoon, start looking at where you would like to go. You can save heaps if you book months in advance
* Wedding cars, some people save money on these by using cars owned by friends and family
* Save the dates and invites, if you’re doing this yourself look at buying paper, ribbon etc. There is nothing wrong with having these ready ahead of time
* If you need to have pre-marriage counselling, look at which places in your area off these services
* Once you have decided on your bridal party, have the talk about who’s paying for what, it’s good to get this out of the way early so you can go out and start the shopping

Well this should keep you busy, remember to spread this out over a few months. You don’t want to give yourself a heart attack trying to get it all done. Stay tuned for the 6 month list! Happy Planning ladies and try not to get too over whelmed, it will all get done so remember to always make time for yourself!

K & C


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