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So he proposed and you said yes!!! If you were like me, you knew it was coming but that still doesn’t change the fact that he finally got around to asking you those 4 scary words. Regardless of how did he did it, on a remote island beach, a glazier in New Zealand while it was snowing or over a 3am kebab after a big night out it still counts and can be one of the most amazing moments in your life. But you will eventually get to the point where you are starting to wonder what do i do now....this is of course after you have your bling on your finger, you have called everyone you have ever met in your life to tell them the amazing news and let’s not forget mastering the ever so subtle hand flick to show off said bling to everyone you come across like family, friends the cute guy in the coffee shop, the list goes on.....

As you know here at modern bride we are all about saving money and having your dream wedding on a realistic budget. If you can afford to hire a wedding planner than go for it but most girls I know as well as myself don’t have that kind of money or are willing to part with that much money for things that we can do ourselves!! Girl power and planning are all you need!! (And a lot of coffee and/or wine)

Planning, planning and more planning! Try to give yourself at least 12-18 months to plan your wedding, that’s if you can wait that long but keep in mind a lot of wedding suppliers can be booked out up to 12 months in advance anyway. You may be having a wedding for 10 or 100 people but the planning is still the same just on a different scale.  Invest in a wedding folder, this way you can keep all your quotes and ideas in the one place.  I also suggest making a chart, plan out the months ahead and what wedding details you’re going to be doing each week or month.  This tip will also help reduce the amount of bridezilla moments and fights between you and your partner or you and your mother or you and bestie or you and mother in law, i think you get the point I’m trying to make!. There are some amazing online charts and phone apps and you can even get them in the back of some bridal magazines...yes I’m totally 100% addicted to bridal magazines. They can be expensive but very useful as well.  

One last tip, don’t be afraid to ask for help. I’m sure most of you have some idea who you will be having in your bridal party that’s if your mum hasn’t already made that decision for you and in my opinion it’s their job to help you and of course there’s always your mum or mum in law....there will be times after all day shopping trip and visits to the florist where you will wish you were adopted but they are a good source of support. Like your best friends you can yell, rant and rave at them but they will be the first person to call you the next day to make sure you haven’t eloped. Don’t forget about your fiancée, they will also have their helpful moments. The amount of these moments does vary depending on the guy himself but take advantage! There’s nothing like planning a wedding to test your relationship.

It will be easy to get over whelmed with the preparation but don’t lose sight of why you’re doing it! Until next time ladies, stay relaxed and calm.......

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