Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shopping for your dream dress!

The engagement party is done and dusted, the wedding plans are starting and now you find yourself stalking online wedding stores and designers in the hope you will find the ‘one’. The one that you have dreamt about since you were 5, the one you will marry your prince charming in, the one that will magically make you look like the most amazing bride in the whole entire world. In my opinion wedding dresses are magical because it doesn’t matter what size you are or how old you are, a wedding dress makes everyone look amazing. But before you get too carried away here are a few things to think about....

The first thing I suggest is before you even set foot in a dress shop, I know it’s a lot to ask because most of you would knock over a little old lady to get in there if she stood between you and the door but do your research on the wedding dress shops you want to visit. I know I have said it before but doing your research can help you soooooo much! There are a lot of wedding sites where you can read feedback and who better to take advice from than other ladies in the same situation. Don’t be like me and but from the first shop you go in because if I could do it over again I would run as far away from that shop as I could. It was a horrible experience and it wasn’t till after I paid for my dress that I started to hear all the bad feedback from people.  
Try to be open to all different styles, something that looks horrible on the hanger may look amazing on and once you have found a great dress shop listen to what they suggest, most of the ladies that work in the stores know what they are talking about. BUT take someone with you, I suggest a friend who isn’t scared to be honest with you. After all this is your wedding dress and if your mum is anything like mine she will cry with every dress you try on so I doubt she will be much use. Don’t buy the first thing you see, try on as many different dresses as you can and make sure you don’t have your granny underwear on as the sales assistants normally come in to help you get the dresses on and off. So remember nice underwear but nothing too crazy, the last thing you want to do is flash your hooha to a complete stranger while they have their head up your dress....  
When you do get around to picking your dress and it needs to be ordered, triple check the order. I can’t stress this enough, a lovely friend of mine ordered her dress, the shop stuffed up the order and a dress that was meant to have a lace up back came with a zipper.....very stressful and not something you want to deal with.  So watch them like a hawk when filling out the order form. When you do order your dress give yourself plenty of time, some dresses can take up to 6 months to be made so keep that in mind when you’re shopping.
One last thing, if you have set yourself a budget for your dream dress, make sure you budget for alterations as well. I got ripped off and ended up paying almost five hundred dollars for alterations so make sure you find out these costs before hand and get it in writing so they can’t keep bumping up the price with every fitting!!
I know this is a lot to take it but trust me it will help make your shopping experience less stressful and far more enjoyable!! Happy shopping ladies, I hope you all find your perfect dresses and please share your experiences with us, we would love to hear them, good or bad and you may just help another bride out there. Feel free to post some of your wedding pictures as well, we LOVE all things wedding here!!

K & C

Here is a few pics of my wedding dress!

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