Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wedding Themes, useful or useless?

Sooooooo whats your wedding theme? This was one of the first questions I was asked after people found out I was getting married. I was like WTF?? A wedding theme? Really? Here I was thinking you just pick what you like, apparently I was wrong according to a fellow bride.... eeekkk! Lol Planning a wedding can be stressful to say the least so why do we put extra pressure on ourselves to stick to a theme? Before you start thinking pirate costumes or pink taffeta as far as the eye can see take a look at the list of tasteful ideas that I have put together for you. Keep in mind everything is open to interpretation so really the only limit is your imagination and of course your budget. You can have a little or a lot depending on your taste BUT don’t feel you need to have a theme just because everyone else is!

Colour- this is the most common one, pick a colour and match everything to it. Usually it’s the colour of the bridesmaid dresses. Multiple colours are also an option
Seasonal- Depending on what time of the year you’re getting hitched, using the season as a theme is an option-
Winter- depending on where on earth you live winter can mean a white wedding wonderland
Summer- a beach wedding theme is great for a summer wedding
Spring- When we think of spring we think of flowers, so why not get married in a beautiful garden in the sunshine
 Autumn- Is very versatile, it’s still warm enough to get married outside and when we think of autumn we think of earthy tones, so if you’re into browns and reds this is a great season to use for inspiration
Diamonds and Pearls- this is my personal favourite. It’s so extensive that you could do almost anything. If you’re like me and love your bling, this is the theme for you
Vintage- This one is always popular. Like the old saying, ‘what’s old is new again’ brides can wear vintage or vintage inspired dresses with lots of lace and pearls and the groom can wear tails and a top hat. You can get very specific by picking a time period in which you style everything around
Places- Planning your wedding around your favourite destination is an option if you can’t have your wedding there. Why not plan a Vegas style wedding or a Disney land theme wedding (if your game!)Other options are India, Africa, France or stick to what you know, have an Australian themed wedding
Animals- this one can be a bit out of the ordinary but using butterflies or doves as your inspiration can give you a very light and lovely theme
Flowers- Cherry blossoms seem to be trending on some wedding sites at the moment but there’s always the good old rose or Lilly. Again your options are endless

I could go on forever but this covers the basics. I hope I have given you some direction or at the very least, something to think about. If I have missed any major ones please feel free to comment or if you have had your wedding and I haven’t mentioned your theme please share with us!

Until next time ladies, happy planning and remember to enjoy the experience. If it all gets too much there is always wine and chocolate to get you through!!

K & C

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