Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hens party !!!!!

I didn't want a Hens Party were you stay out late and get really drunk. I also have a lot of friends with little kids so it really wasn't a option, Plus if I invite them to my party that way it would have to be child friendly and they couldn't surprise me with a stripper ( I would have died if they had !!!!) Call me a prude or whatever, don't get me wrong i do enjoy a good strip show, but not when its  thrust in my face if you know what i mean !
I am a non drink and non smoker and all I need for a good time is great company and a glass of water or OJ :)

I run my local crochet and knitting group and we have over 35 members
Due to the fact that I am not a millionaire, inviting all my ladies to my wedding was not an option :(
I decided that I would have a big party and celebrate that way. 

Being the cheapo that I am, I  made my own invitations and just bought colored paper to print them on. In total my invitations cost me $15 - trust me when I say that is a lot cheaper than getting them made !

I was asked by many of my guests if I wanted gifts - a bit of a background story - I have been with my Hubby to be for over 11 years so we have just about everything we need or want 
I asked that no one was to buy gifts but some people can be very stubborn and insisted they get me something. I told them that a plate of cookies or slice would be a perfect item to bring - Some of the ladies in my group are AWESOME baker's so I knew they would cook up a storm (plus it helped with keeping the cost of the party down)
I bit the bullet and hired chairs and tables at a cost of $150 - If you can borrow chairs or tables i would say go for it, I had so many guests that organising that would have been a nightmare
I had plastic plates, knives, forks, spoons

I had the Mad Hatters afternoon T party as my theme and put on the invite that if the guests turned up with out something in their hair or on their head I would make them do something silly - I didn't tell them that i would never do that to them LOLOL but it got some excellent creativity with their hats and some even dressed up !

How to keep cost's down
Borrow chairs and tables
Make as much food as you can instead of hiring a caterer 
Get friends to help out
Instead of gifts ask guests if they don't mind to bring a plate of food - some may think this is rude but if people offer, take it :)
Have the party at home
Shop around for best prices !!!
$1 or $2 stores are the best places to get plastic plates etc and also decorations 

Get as creative as you want !!!
I had just about run out of $$$ when it came to games, you can find HEAPS of items around the house to use for games 

Peg game 
You will need 
heaps of clothes pegs - 4-5 per guest  
1 pen
a piece of paper with he alphabet on it - this is for your use to call out the alphabet in a random order, when you have called out a letter cross it off  
How to play
randomly call out a letter of the alphabet
Example - D - the guests have to yell out a word starting with G that is RELATED To a wedding - Answer could be Dress
Example - W - Wedding
Example -  S - Sex - you will have some cheeky guest so get ready for all types of answers LOLOL
So when a guest calls out a correct answer they get a peg

Guest with the most pegs wins
This game can work with many party's - Baby Showers - Birthdays etc 

To go with the peg game, when guests arrive give them 2 pegs, tell them that they are not aloud to CROSS THEIR LEGS - this could be sitting down or standing up 
At first no one will cross their legs but with in 15 minuted they will relax and forget and BAM thats when you strike and take 1 of their pegs. 

Sammy from Art V's Cupcake made my AWESOME AWESOME cupcakes !!!!

Thanks for reading my blog post 
Clare xx

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